A Mad As Hell Doctor's Final Report

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Despite many thousands of e-mails and phone calls the White House did not invite us in.

Dr. Marc Sapir from Berkley, California was one of the Mad As Hell Doctors who toured the country through much of September holding rallies in two dozen cities for single-payer healthcare.

Wyden's Call for Free Choice Still Largely Ignored

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Sen. Ron Wyden makes a renewed pitch for a free choice amendment after it's still been shut out

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November 19, 2009 -- Polls show that Americans are really happy with the health insurance that they are getting from their employers; therefore health reform must protect these benefits by making it impossible for Americans to choose anything else.

I am mystified by this argument.

Senate Abortion Compromise Less Drastic Than House

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Instead of barring all health plans in the exchange from covering abortion, the Senate version requires at least one plan to cover the procedure

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November 19, 2009 -- The health care reform package unveiled by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Wednesday night bars the use of federal funds for abortion services, but does not go as far as the House bill -- which prevents women in many cases from buying insurance with their own money that covers abortion.

Congress Should Put Off Reform

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Why a Democrat thinks its the wrong time for health reform

November 12, 2009 -- Although I voted for the Democratic ticket, here’s why I urged our Oregon Senators to oppose the health insurance reform bill passed by the D-controlled House:

The Debate that Drags On and On

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If the Indian Health Care Improvement Act is any indication, the debate has just begun

October 27, 2009 -- How long will the health care reform debate drag on? The Hill newspaper says “deep into December and possibly beyond by a lengthy floor debate.”

If that seems like a long time, consider that the reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act has been pending since 1999.

Last week hearings were held in the U.S. House of Representatives to move that legislation forward. Again.

Senate Compromise Bill Excludes Free Choice

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Despite offering up the public option, Sen. Ron Wyden says most Americans won’t have the option to buy it
October 27, 2009 -- Sen. Harry Reid made thousands of headlines yesterday when he announced that the Senate health bill would include a public option with a state opt-out clause.

Wyden Upbeat on Free Choice, Public Option

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In a national radio interview, Sen. Ron Wyden said even conservative colleagues know value in free choice

October 20, 2009 -- Sen. Ron Wyden picked up the pressure for his Free Choice Amendment and a strong public option in an appearance today on the Ed Schultz national radio program.

Wyden Tells OMA Fight for Free Choice Continues

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Sen. Ron Wyden has become an outspoken critic of legislation so far since his amendment failed last week

October 5, 2009 -- Despite his failure to convince his colleagues to pass a free choice amendment to the $880 billion healthcare bill winding its way through Congress, Senator Ron Wyden refuses to give up the fight.

Free choice is “absolutely the key to healthcare reform,” he told physicians attending an Oregon Medical Association meeting last Saturday. Otherwise, “more than 200 million Americans working for large employers won’t have any choice of healthcare coverage.” 

Congressman Kucinich Caps Mad As Hell Doctors Tour

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They're mad as hell and they came from Oregon

WASHINGTON DC, October 3, 2009 – Oregon’s homegrown Mad As Hell Doctors were met by Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Washington DC on the final days of their cross-country media blitz.

The group of doctors drew a modest crowd in front of the White House on Wednesday (Sept 30) capping a month long quest to put single payer back in the national debate. But by far the most exciting moment came when Kucinich arrived. He took the stage like it was the Democratic National Convention.


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