Rescission Ban Unlikely to Affect Many Oregonians

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The number of individuals dropped by their insurer was low and children are already guaranteed coverage
April 7, 2010 -- Prohibitions on the most egregious practices of the health insurance industry that kick in later this year will have little impact on Oregonians.

Oregon May Revive Public Option

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Thanks to an amendment by Sen. Ron Wyden to the health reform law, Oregon Sen. Alan Bates says he'll take up a state public option

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April 1, 2010 -- A much debated public option that died amid the creation of a new national health care plan could be brought back to life in Oregon.

Oregon Sen. Alan Bates, D-Ashland, is spearheading an effort to create a state-run health care plan that would provide a public option, paving the way for universal coverage within three to four years.

OMA Remains Neutral on National Health Reform

The Lund Report
Doctors raise objections about an independent payment board that could diminish their influence
March 31, 2010 – The health reform package signed into law by President Obama doesn’t pass muster with the Oregon Medical Association, which remains critical of the sweeping reform.

Bi-Partisan Alliance Takes On Non-Profit Hospitals

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Politics makes strange bedfellows in fight against non-profit hospitals

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March 29, 2010 -- Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) have formed an unusual alliance to ensure that tax-exempt hospitals treat patients without insurance.

Nonprofit hospitals receive tens of billions of dollars in tax benefits each year to offer medical assistance to patients who lack proper coverage. But some have curtailed this care to boost their bottom line.

EDITORIAL: The Fight Continues

The Lund Report
We agree that the bill is a good first step but falls short on controlling costs
March 25, 2010 -- When The Lund Report began almost a full year ago in April 2009, the national healthcare debate had just started to boil over. Throughout the summer and into the fall we covered angry town hall meetings, street protests and arrests.

Coming Down on Anthem Blue Cross in California

The Lund Report
Two LA Times stories investigate the financing and regulatory malfeasance of Anthem and parent Wellpoint

February 24, 2010 -- The recent focus on Anthem Blue Cross in California for excessive rate increases mirrors much of our reporting at The Lund Report about premium increases in Oregon.

Today, WellPoint CEO Angela Braly faced questioning by Congress. And yesterday an LA Times article focused attention on Anthem's financial arrangements with its Wall Street masters. Another Times article documents alleged regulatory violations by California's largest insurer.

Finding Consensus at Blair House

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Among complicated sticking points to iron out, there's the Indian Health Care Improvement Act
February 22, 2010 -- President Barack Obama is hosting a health care summit Thursday at the Blair House. It will be televised live. We can all watch and judge the proposals for ourselves.

A Reform Wish List

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From the front lines of patient advocacy
February 4, 2010 -- Though the national debate over healthcare reform is far from over, most sympathizers now agree on common objectives, including universal access to quality care at an affordable cost, a focus on prevention, evidence-based medicine, electronic medical records, and a patient-c

AMA to Maintain Medical Billing Code Monopoly

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Critics contend protecting this proprietary billing codes doctors use to submit insurance claims accounts for the AMA's support of health reform

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January 6, 2010 -- As Democrats tout the American Medical Association's endorsement of their health care overhaul, critics are pointing to their studious sidestepping of a little-known monopoly that sends millions into the trade group's coffers each year, saying it's no surprise the Democrats were able to gain the AMA's support.


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