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Independent Report Calls for Massive Child Welfare Overhaul, Increased Spending

A report from Washington state consultant Public Knowledge argues the Oregon Department of Human Services needs increased staffing and foster care programs must be better funded. The report also calls for all children in or entering the system to be given a needs assessment and an overhaul of the protocols and system for reporting child abuse.

An independent consultant says that the Oregon Department of Human Services needs to raise rates for all types of foster care providers and develop an assessment tool to determine children’s needs when they enter the system.

Healthcare Workers, Public Health Officials Push for Paid Sick Days

Workers not granted leave time to care for themselves or their children – and a lack of sick days causes high turnover in workplaces

December 13, 2012 -- Last week, Jennifer Bevacqua, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emmanuel Medical Center, treated a boy who was a year and a half old and had what Bevacqua described as eye motion issues, which can indicate a brain tumor. After being informed that he’d need an emergency MRI, his grandmother – who was the boy's primary caregiver and had taken him to the hospital – called her boss to ask if she could stay with her grandson while he received the care he needed.

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