Addictions and Mental Health Division

Martin Wants Change in Law to Help Out Mental Health Advisory Group

The director of the state’s addictions and mental health division, Pam Martin, would like to be able to compensate people on her division’s consumer advisory council for the costs of being on the council, like travel and motel stays. If they had these costs paid, the state might be able to attract more members as well as a more diverse group.

People who wish to participate in a state advisory council focused on behavioral health may soon not have to pick up the tab for travel to all those meetings in Salem under legislation proposed by Pam Martin, the director of the Oregon Health Authority’s Addictions and Mental Health Division.

Minorities Face Health Disparities in Mental Health and Addictions

While African-Americans are overrepresented in behavioral healthcare, they're barely represented in policy positions – and mental health data for Asian-Americans in Oregon isn't even tracked

September 24, 2013 – In Oregon, planning for diversity is like parsley on the plate, said April Johnson, behavioral health policy analyst for the state office of Addictions and Mental Health, at a gathering of about 40 people, mostly women, for the Oregon Women's Health Network's lecture series.

PSRB Updates Legislators on Releasing Patients from Oregon State Hospital

Increasing the availability of different types of residential facilities is critical, according to Mary Claire Buckley

November 30, 2011— When legislators approved the Psychiatric Security Review Board’s (PSRB) budget earlier this year, they attached a string instructing the board to think of ways to move patients out of the Oregon State Hospital and into community treatment facilities. That string took the form of a “budget note.”

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