State of Reform Health Policy Conference to Convene December 13th at the Oregon Convention Center

Dr. Don Berwick, the nation’s leading voice in health care reform, will provide the afternoon Keynote address at this year’s conference

November 26, 2012 -- The 2012 State of Reform Health Policy Conference will be held December 13th, 2012, at the Oregon Convention Center. The conference will run all day, beginning at 8:30 and concluding at 4:30.

Almost 50 speakers have confirmed their participation on the agenda, including Dr. Don Berwick, former CMS administrator and perhaps the nation’s leading voice for health system improvement.

The conference is hosted by DJ Wilson, who hosts similar conferences in Washington State and Alaska. He is the editor of the book “Dear Governor: About the State of Reform” and runs the health care news site

“This conference will bring together perhaps the broadest, most diverse group of health care leaders of any public conversation in the state,” said Wilson. “The health care system is just so much more diverse, stratified and multi-faceted than many of us working in it every day fully appreciate. From brokers to pediatricians, from legislators to students, hospital CEOs to wellness coaches, we will have a tremendous array of expertise from our speakers, sponsors and audience participants.”

“In the other states where we host this event, it’s the largest, most important health care event of the year. I expect over time we’ll grow into that label here as well,” said Wilson.

Already almost 100 organizations have committed to participate in this year’s event so far with 2 ½ weeks to go.

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