State Approves Relocation of Nursing Facility Beds in Salem

April 10, 2013 -- A proposed order has been issued to South Salem Rehabilitation, LLC dba Avamere Rehabilitation of Salem for the development of a new, 80-bed nursing facility to be located near the southeast corner of Kuebler Boulevard Southeast and Interstate 5 in Salem.


This project involves relocating nursing facility beds from the existing South Salem Rehabilitation, LLC site to the new location. After implementation of this project, the original site at 4120 Kurth St. S. in Salem will no longer offer nursing facility services.


The order is a proposed order. Any affected party who takes exception to the proposed order may request the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, to hold an informal hearing. If no request for a hearing is received by April 22, 2013, the proposed order will automatically become final. For more information about this project contact Jana Fussell, Certificate of Need coordinator, at the Public Health Division, 971-673-1108.


Under the state Certificate of Need law, South Salem Rehabilitation, LLC was required to seek state approval of this project because it involves the relocation of existing nursing facility beds. The purpose of the law is to ensure health services are adequately distributed in the state without unnecessary duplication of services, or excessive cost to patients. This proposed order grants the provider permission to proceed with the project as submitted. This project will be subject to further review for any changes to the physical plant, for state licensure, and for federal certification for Medicare and Medicaid if requested.

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