State Approves 16-bed Psychiatric Hospital in Hermiston

The Oregon Health Authority Certificate of Need Program issued a proposed decision today to Lifeways, Inc. for development of a new, 16-bed psychiatric hospital to be located at 1212 West Linda Ave. in Hermiston.

The name of the proposed facility is Aspen Springs Hospital. The facility would be located adjacent to Good Shepherd Medical Center. If a final decision approving the facility is issued, it would serve individuals 18 and older, but not patients considered to be geriatric.

The decision issued today is a proposed decision. Any affected party who takes exception to the proposed decision may request the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division to hold an informal hearing. If no informal hearing is requested by March 25, 2018, a final decision will be issued and the applicant and any affected party would have 60 days to request an administrative hearing.

For more information about this project, contact Jana Fussell, Certificate of Need coordinator, at the Public Health Division, 971-673-1108.

Under state certificate of need law, Lifeways, Inc. was required to seek state approval of this project because it involves the development of a new hospital. The purpose of the law is to see that health services are adequately distributed in the state without unnecessary duplication of services or excessive cost to patients.

This project will be subject to further review for any changes to the physical plant, for state licensure, and for federal certification for Medicare and Medicaid if requested.

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