SEIU: We are Stepping Up Our Game


Healthcare reform was just the first step. The new law has already significantly decreased the number of uninsured in Oregon.  But we’re not stopping there.


We’re also taking action right here in Oregon to make healthcare more accessible to all working families. Today, we kicked off Act Now for a Healthy Oregon, and filed 5 exciting ballot measures in Salem.


We know that more needs to be done to make hospital care affordable. Here’s what our 5 ballot measures would do:


  • Require hospitals to tell us exactly how their care is rated.

  • Require hospitals to post how much procedures really cost, so we know in advance.

  • Require hospitals to charge everyone the same amount for the same procedure. Right now, they often charge insurance companies a lot less than uninsured people.

  • Require non-profit hospitals to live up to their non-profit,tax-exempt status with minimum amounts of charity care.       

  • Limit excessive CEO salaries: no hospital CEO would make more than 15x what their lowest-paid employee makes.

Click here to learn more about our ballot measures.


Together, we’ve already done a lot to make healthcare more affordable. Join me as we Act Now for a Healthy Oregon.

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