SEIU Enrolls Over 6,000 Oregonians in Cover Oregon, Helps Working Families and Members Secure Affordable Health Care

SEIU enrolls over 6,000 Oregonians in Cover Oregon, helps working families and members secure affordable health care

For more than two decades, SEIU has fought to secure affordable and high-quality health coverage for Oregonians. So when the open enrollment period kicked off in October, we were prepared to bring the promise of the Affordable Care Act to our communities.

We had high hopes that Oregon’s online marketplace would be ready in time for opening day, allowing hard-working families to shop for coverage and find a plan right for them and their budget. When that didn’t happen, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Since the fall, SEIU has been running an on-the-ground campaign to empower Oregonians with the facts about the new health care benefits available. As part of our Act Now for a Healthy Oregoncampaign, we’ve hosted more than 115 enrollment events in 24 counties across the state, engaging in more than 60,000 conversations about affordable health care. Through these efforts,we’ve successfully signed up more than 6,000 Oregonians and SEIU members.

We know Cover Oregon isn’t perfect and, like most Oregonians, we want some changes to be made. But we’re not about to turn back the clock on people with pre-existing conditions and people who are getting preventative care for the first time in their lives. More than 225,000 Oregonians now have access to health care coverage, thanks to the help of partners like SEIU.

We are proud to be a leading part of the solution and we will continue to keep up the pace to make sure the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented.

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