SB 2240 and ACA Health Reforms - Notice of Rulemaking Hearing

Proposed Rulemaking Implementing State and Federal Health Insurance Reforms, Revise Reporting Mechanisms and Correct Obsolete Rule Language


The Oregon Insurance Division recently filed proposed rulemaking documents for this rule.

These rules implement changes to insurance regulation necessary to conform to state and federal health reform legislation including Enrolled House Bill 2240(2013 Legislative Session) and the federal Public Health Service Act as amended by the Affordable Care Act. The rules also implement changes to insurer communication requirements, reporting and external review processes. Finally the rules revise obsolete language to provide clarity.

The proposed rules also adopt changes to the rate filing rule that were previously adopted as a temporary rule on June 17, 2013. The temporary rules will expire on December 6, 2013, so the changes in these proposed rules will adopt that change permanently.

 The agency requests public comment on whether other options should be considered for achieving the rule’s substantive goals while reducing the negative economic impact of the rule on business.


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