Regence, Adventist Health Announce Next Step in Collaborative Care Initiatives


April 29, 2013 – Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon and Adventist Health have taken another step in advancing the health of patients and their experience with the Adventist health care
system. Regence and Adventist are collaborating on an innovative payment model to deliver better health outcomes and lower health care costs. This is Regence’s first accountable health care initiative in Oregon and one of many arrangements in development within the Regence family of companies in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah.
The program with Adventist Health’s physicians includes a shared incentive arrangement in which Adventist Health and Regence will work together to share data and measure quality in an effort to
improve health care outcomes for Regence members cared for at Adventist Health.
“Regence is committed to transforming the health care system through innovative collaborative care programs,” said Richard Popiel, M.D., executive vice president of Health Care Services and
chief medical officer for Regence. “Adventist Health is a strong partner, who invests in population health to meet the Triple Aim goals of improving the experience of care, improving the health of
populations, and reducing per-capita costs of health care. It is exciting to be working with a partner deeply committed to the care of its patients.”
This new initiative is part of a suite of innovative reimbursement models offered by Regence to address the quality and affordability of health care services for its members. Since 2007, Regence
has worked with providers and employers throughout its four-state region to implement collaborative care models, including the Intensive Outpatient Care Program (IOCP) in Washington. The IOCP was a pilot program between Regence BlueShield in Washington and one of its large customers that demonstrated the following positive results as reported by an independent third party vendor:
Per-capita spending on health care was reduced by 20 percent
Physical and mental functioning ability increased almost 15 percent
Access to health care increased almost 18 percent
In Oregon, Regence has collaborated with providers, such as Adventist Health, and employers to implement similar programs. Adventist Health is ranked as one of America’s Safest Hospitals, and is an important provider in Regence’s Oregon Select network, which provides Regence members with quality care and monthly premium affordability.
“We are pleased to further our collaboration with Adventist Health to improve health outcomes for our members and to support the physician-patient relationship that’s critical to the transformation of the health care system,” said Don Antonucci, president of Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon.
“We are looking forward to a healthy collaboration with Regence which will bring value, access and quality care to patients and is firmly grounded in our mission of whole person care,” states Tom
Russell, President and CEO of Adventist Health-Portland. “This accountable care relationship will allow our providers increased transparency around utilization and quality measures.”
Regence is currently developing additional collaborative arrangements with doctors and hospitals in a variety of ways that adapt to and support the readiness of providers to engage in these models. The company will soon announce new collaborative care arrangements in other states.
By providing a full suite of engagement models, Regence is able to foster a more collaborative, person-focused health care system to improve the health of communities and keep care affordable.
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