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Rally at Rose Garden/Moda Center to Protest Name Change to a For-Profit Insurance Company

October 28, 2013


What: Rally at the Rose Garden to protest the change of name to a for profit insurance company, which has paid $40 million to put their name on a place known and loved by all as The Rose Garden. The Affordable Care Act designates a certain percentage of health insurance income to go directly to patient care, and a certain percentage for profit/administration 80-85% going directly to medical costs). The fact that this ‘profit’, which could be put right back into patient care and lower premiums, is being used for advertising is just another example of why for profit health insurance will not work.     When: Saturday, Nov. 2, 6-7pm (Blazers home game opener)   Where: At the Rose Garden Multnomah Street Entrance     Who: Health Care for All Oregon, Portland Jobs with Justice Health Care Committee     More information: Health Care For All Oregon believes that health care is human right, and not a commodity. We will rally for the right of all Oregonians (and all Americans) for the right to health care. The Affordable Care Act has caused premiums to skyrocket for those who will have to buy their own insurance, and for those getting insurance through employers, many will be paying a bigger chunk of their income into their benefits. Moda Health, formerly know as ODS, paid $40 of taxpayer funds to rename the Rose Garden. This money should have gone directly toward lowering premiums and providing quality health care, which according to President Obama, was the intent of the ACA. According to a Sept. 26, 2013 report by CBS news, premiums for many people will soar, and subsidies will not be enough to offset the rise in premium costs. KATU ran a story on October 15, 2013, quoting a source from Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon saying that although the ACA mandates more services to be covered, those extended benefits will be paid for by individuals (even if they don't use all of the services.) Health Care for All Oregon is working for a health care system that will assure every Oregonian that they will have access to health care...without having to pay premiums, deductibles, or copays or any other cost. Publically funded, privately delivered, a Medicare for All system will cost each Oregonian far less than they pay now for their health care. If you need more info please call the number above or Lisa at 775 232 2823


Submitted by Jonathan Plaster on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 14:39 Permalink

Advertising is an expense not "profit" and the $40 million dollars is not direct "taxpayer" money it is income earned by Moda/ODS from private and public contracts, premiums and investment of statutory reserves.. For profit or not-for profit is irrelevant if both are required to provide the same percentages of benefits paid for patient care. If the company is well run, provides a competitive service and expands its member base then more monies will be available for patient care and premiums, regulated by the State of Oregon, should be relatively reasonable. If what you really object to is not having the state run health care then please have the courage to say so directly.