Press Release: Susan G. Komen Oregon And SW Washington Hires Tai Harden-Moore To Lead African American Initiative

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Susan G. Komen Oregon & SW Washington is excited to announce that they have hired Tai Harden-Moore, JD, MBA to lead their efforts to address breast cancer disparities in African American women in the Portland-metro area.

Despite relatively similar screening rates and incidence of breast cancer in the US, African American women are 42% more likely to die of the disease. To address this, Susan G. Komen Oregon & SW Washington has launched an innovative, multi-year project focused on eliminating the startling breast cancer disparities among African Americans. They have been working with an advisory council of leaders in the community, area health systems, and local businesses. Tai Harden-Moore, a breast cancer fighter currently living with metastatic breast cancer, will work with Komen’s African American Initiative Advisory Council in developing the project. She is committed to raising awareness about the disparities that African American women face and finding the interventions needed to eliminate those disparities.

“As an African American woman living with metastatic breast cancer who was initially diagnosed at a young age (31 years old) and at a late stage (stage 3), I understand how important it is to address the disparities that African American women face when it comes to breast cancer,” remarked Harden-Moore. “Komen’s African American Initiative will have a great impact on our community, with the ultimate goal being to address disparities and save lives.”

Komen’s CEO, Andrew Asato, said, “We are determined to take action with the African American community to address the factors that negatively impact their breast health. We have a track record of creating and executing complex projects to address breast health and breast cancer disparities and we are eager to focus on the African American community in order to improve outcomes.”

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