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Press Release: CareOregon Invests $500,000 In CCO Service Areas To Provide Ongoing COVID-19 Related Support

CareOregon is among 16 coordinated care organizations in Oregon serving Medicaid members. | LYNNE TERRY/THE LUND REPORT
February 5, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. — As Oregon communities and social services agencies continue to struggle under the strain of the multiple waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, CareOregon is honored to announce it is investing an additional $500,000 to support communities served by its coordinated care organizations Jackson Care Connect and Columbia Pacific. Each organization will distribute $250,000 to community based organizations serving their communities.

“The cumulative stresses of this pandemic are adding up and people are hurting. That’s why we are working in partnership with our coordinated care organizations to get resources out in a way that can really make a difference on the ground,” said Eric C. Hunter, CEO of CareOregon. “Our coordinated care organizations know their communities best and I’m excited to support their efforts to address the most urgent needs of those they serve.”

In the upcoming weeks the Columbia Pacific and Jackson Care Connect teams will work to identify where these funds will have the greatest impact in their regions, which include Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and Jackson counties.

“This is one of many ways that CareOregon’s connection to Columbia Pacific helps empower our local communities to determine the best direction for this COVID-19 related funding grant,” commented Mimi Haley, Executive Director of Columbia Pacific.

“This additional infusion of funding from CareOregon will help us provide continued support to organizations that are filling critical needs in our community, where we are seeing the dual impacts of both COVID-19 and the disastrous fires from last summer,” said Jennifer Lind, CEO of Jackson Care Connect. 

Since the pandemic hit, CareOregon has mobilized financial resources to ensure access to health services. This included offering both provider support and community-based grants to address Social Determinants of Health. This funding will allow both Columbia Pacific and Jackson Care Connect to continue to offer support where most needed in their communities.

Columbia Pacific CCO coordinates health services for Oregon Health Plan members in Columbia, Clatsop and Tillamook counties. For more information about Columbia Pacific, please visit

Jackson Care Connect CCO coordinates health services for Oregon Health Plan members in Jackson County. For more information about Jackson Care Connect please visit

For information, contact Elise Burke, 503-416-3736, [email protected].