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Press Release: CareOregon CEO Elected Chair of Community Reinvestment Initiatives’ Board 

CareOregon is among 15 coordinated care organizations in Oregon serving Medicaid members. | LYNNE TERRY/THE LUND REPORT
May 13, 2021

This week, CareOregon CEO Eric C. Hunter was  elected to be the Chair of the Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives’ Board of  Directors. In this capacity, he will help guide the organization’s efforts to increase  access to affordable housing in the City of Portland.  

As a non-profit community development organization, PCRI provides affordable rental  housing to low-income families, primarily in North and Northeast Portland. It was  founded in 1992 in response to unfair housing practices that discriminated against  African Americans. Over the past 25 years, the organization has become a prominent  leader within the affordable housing space to the benefit of the community it serves.  

“In health care, we talk a lot about the links between health and housing,” said Eric C.  Hunter, CareOregon CEO. “We know that having a safe, affordable place to live is  crucial for our members’ physical, mental and behavioral health. As an organization,  CareOregon has invested over $5.5 million dollars in affordable housing projects in the  past five years. PCRI has been working to support our community for almost 30 years.  I’m excited to lend my time to this effort and work alongside leaders at PCRI to address  our community’s housing needs.” 

“PCRI is excited to announce the election and appointment of Eric Hunter as our new  Chair of the Board of Directors,” said Kymberly Horner PCRI Executive Director. “Eric  has served as a member of the board for four years and previously held the position of Vice-Chair. We are grateful he will continue to support our work as North and Northeast  Portland’s largest affordable housing non-profit organization as a voice for the  historically underrepresented and underserved African American community.”  

In addition to providing affordable rental housing, PCRI offers financial wellness  programming, home buyer education courses, supports older homeowners make  needed repairs so they can stay in their homes, and develops new homes for purchase  by qualifying first-time home buyers. These programs are part of PCRI’s holistic  approach to combat the involuntary displacement of low-income African American  households in the City of Portland. 

The Oregon Health Authority has identified housing as a top priority for coordinated care  organizations to address as the state continues health care transformation efforts within 

the Oregon Health Plan. CareOregon believes that effective transformation happens in  collaboration with the communities served, and housing is no exception.  

“We are proud of the housing related investments we have made in the community”  continued Hunter, “but, we think true community engagement is more than just writing  checks. I look forward to working on a true partnership to move this work forward within  the community.”