Press Release: AMA Statement On Ninth Circuit Title X Decision


“The American Medical Association (AMA) is disappointed by – and strongly disagrees with – the reasoning behind a federal appeals court’s decision to allow the Trump administration to enforce a gag rule on physicians.

“The judges failed to properly take into consideration the AMA’s legal arguments or the decision’s impact on either health care or the patient-physician relationship. This government overreach and interference demands that physicians violate their ethical obligations – prohibiting open, frank conversations with patients about all their health care options – if they want to continue treating patients under the Title X program. It is unconscionable that the government is telling physicians that they can treat this underserved population only if they promise not to discuss or make referrals for all treatment options.

“As this case moves to the next stage, we’ll continue to fight for open conversations between patients and physicians – the cornerstone of quality health care.”

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Patrice A. Harris M.D., M.A.

President, American Medical Association 

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