Portland Non-Profit To Build New Health Clinic And Apartment Complex

A Portland non-profit has unveiled plans to build a new integrated health clinic and low-income apartment complex.

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare is spending $14 million on an apartment complex for veterans, people with mental disabilities and low-income families.

CEO Derald Walker says it’s also spending $9 million on a new integrated clinic.  

“The head and the body haven’t always been connected. If you want mental health services, [for] depression, anxiety or anything like that, you have to go to one provider, perhaps across town. If you are being seen by a primary care physician, you have to go somewhere else,” he said. 

“Everybody that gets served in the clinic for health care will both have behavioral health services, as well as primary health services. That’s very unique.”

The four story apartment complex will have 52 units. They'll be split between veterans, people with mental illness and families on low incomes.

The new ‘Garlington Center’ is expected to open in 2017.

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