Portland Musicians Unite for Anthem to Empower Women and Support Planned Parenthood

Portland songwriters Ara Lee and Beth Wood have collaborated with more than 50 musicians, actors, producers and citizens to create a video and song celebrating the power of women. All of the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette's healthcare services and education programs. 

"Nasty Woman" stands up to the current administration and celebrates female strength and resilience. It was born from the fury caused by the infamous statement Donald Trump made about Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate last fall. This disgusted many people including musician Ara Lee, who decided the best way to respond to hateful rhetoric was to reframe it, for the benefit of her local Planned Parenthood health centers. She and Wood wrote the song together and then enlisted the help of their fellow musicians to record the single. 

The project clearly hit a nerve. More than 20 local musicians volunteered to participate in the recording, and 30 more actors and citizens donated their time to be a part of the music video. 

"I watch the news every day and think, 'What in the world can I do?'" Lee said. "I'm the mother of two young daughters, and I am watching this administration threaten to take their rights away. This project felt like a way to put my drop in the ocean of resistance and to inspire women - and men - to keep fighting." 

Lee released the video October 19, and within 48 hours it had more than 14,000 views on YouTube and created a frenzy of activity and positive response on social media. 

"This song is a rallying cry, an anthem for this moment in time," Wood says. "We want it to reach as many eyes and ears as possible, to inspire action and to take the ugliness we so strongly object to and turn it into something beautiful and good for our community." 

Inessa Anderson of Portland Radio Project says: "As I watch this telling video for 'Nasty Woman,' I am reminded that every day, in every generation, year, era, we are required to reboot to the truth. Powerfully created, written and performed, it makes it an easy start to the day - on the path we ALL need to walk and talk and do." 

Tom D'Antoni of Oregon Music News adds: "This has become the anthem in this #MeToo moment - a celebration for women, and an education for the men who need it." 

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/llHsTu2vveI 
LISTEN TO THE SONG: https://aralee.bandcamp.com/track/nasty-woman 

Ara Lee: http://www.araleemusic.com/ 
Beth Wood: http://www.bethwoodmusic.com/ 
Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette: http://www.ppcw.org 

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