Over 23,000 Oregonians Call for Greater Accountability for Health Insurance Companies


What:          On October 1st, OSPIRG Foundation Health Care Advocate Jesse O’Brien will deliver a citizen petition with over 23,000 signatures to the Oregon Health Policy Board. Over the past year, Oregonians from across the state came together to call on Gov. Kitzhaber and state officials to strengthen accountability for health insurers. At the urging of Governor, the Board is now debating reforms to contain costs, improve care and increase transparency in Oregon’s commercial health insurance market. The petition demonstrates the urgency and the breadth of public support for action to address the rising cost of health insurance and its impact on families and small businesses across Oregon.


Petition:       Dear Gov. Kitzhaber and State Officials,


Health insurance companies should focus on lowering health care costs by cutting waste and focusing on prevention—instead of simply raising premiums and deductibles.


Before health insurers are allowed to hike premiums, they should be required to:


·         Demonstrate a clear plan to cut waste, boost prevention, and pass those savings back to consumers.

·         Show the math behind the proposal to raise rates.

·         Notify customers when a rate hike is proposed, and outline how customers can participate in Oregon's rate review process.


Please create and enforce rules to make these reforms a reality.




       23,000 Oregonians


When:          Tuesday, October 1st, 2013, 4:30 PM


Where:        Oregon Health Policy Board meeting

                     Market Square Building, 9th floor

1515 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

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