Oregon Health Authority on U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

Statement from Bruce Goldberg, M.D., Oregon Health Authority director

June 28, 2012 -- “The Supreme Court ruling today upholding the Affordable Care Act is very good news for the 600,000 Oregonians who do not have health care coverage.

“Because of the cost, health care had become out of reach for too many people. It has been particularly difficult for low-income Oregonians to get health care coverage. We have a limited number of openings for adults on the Oregon Health Plan and we draw names to fill them. It’s like a health care lottery.

“Today’s decision will make it possible for an estimated 180,000 to 200,000 more people to qualify for the Oregon Health Plan in 2014. Hundreds of thousands more people will have access to the health insurance exchange.

“Under the Affordable Care Act, the health care lottery for low-income Oregonians goes away and everyone wins.

“That is good for them, good for their families, and good for the Oregon. They will have better health care and more financial security.

“Key to making it work is making health care more affordable. In Oregon we have already started remaking our health care system to be more efficient, effective and patient-centered. Eight new Coordinated Care Organizations will begin serving Oregon Health Plan clients on August 1 and more will be starting throughout the year. Our local communities are coming together in unprecedented ways to improve care.

“We truly are on a path, both locally and nationally, to make our health care system something that brings better health and better care at a more affordable cost.”


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