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Oregon Health Authority Seeks Nominations for a State-level Provider Directory Workgroup

December 20, 2013
  The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is seeking nominations for a workgroup to provide advice on technical requirements for a state-level provider directory. A provider directory is a resource for provider information including demographics, addresses, affiliations to clinics, etc. Benefits of a state-level provider directory include:     Efficiencies for operations, analytics, oversight, and quality reporting   Support analytics used by health providers and systems, Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO), and  health plans that rely on attributing providers to clinics   Enable the exchange of patient health information across different organizations and technologies   Enhance care coordination across disparate providers and around transitions of care by providing easy  access to provider information    The provider directory workgroup will be tasked with identifying the functions and parameters of a state-level  provider directory, which will inform the OHA’s scope of work for the Request for Proposal (RFP). [Workgroup  members will not be drafting or reviewing the RFP or responses to the RFP.]    OHA seeks workgroup members who represent the broad spectrum of potential users of a provider directory, as  well as those with related provider directory business or technical experience or expertise. We are looking for  members that can describe how they would use a provider directory, what elements will be important to include  in a provider directory, and what considerations OHA should keep in mind when implementing a provider  directory.    Interested? Please complete a nomination application (see questions below) and return to us by January 13,  2014: [email protected].    Logistics:   Feb – May 2014; 5 meetings in Salem or Portland (estimate up-to 3 hour long meetings, every 3 weeks).   Workgroup members are expected to attend in person whenever possible, and particularly for the first  meeting. If it is not possible for members to attend in person, webinars and conference lines will be  made available.    Staff Contact:   Susan Otter, Oregon’s State Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Office of Health  Information Technology, OHA, [email protected]   Karen Hale, Policy Analyst, Office of Health Information Technology, OHA, [email protected]   Nick Kramer, Assistant, Office of Health Information Technology, [email protected], 503- 373-7859    Resources:   State Near-Term HIT/HIE strategy - The state-level provider directory is one of several elements of new  state level HIT services that supports new models of care under Oregon’s health system transformation  efforts.   Common Credentialing: The statewide provider directory is a complimentary effort with the work of the  Common Credentialing Advisory Group; which will advise the Authority on the implementation of a  legislative requirement for OHA to establish a program and database for the purpose of providing credentialing organizations access to information necessary to credential all health care practitioners in the  State. OHA staff are working closely together on both efforts.    Oregon Health Authority  2014 Provider Directory Subject Matter Expert Workgroup    Name:  Address:  Email:  Phone:  Title:  Organization:  1. What perspective do you represent?      2. Please describe your areas of related experience and content expertise that would assist in this  process.      3. Why are you interested in participating?      4. Can you commit to reviewing and potentially editing materials resulting from work sessions?      5. Please describe other successful collaborative efforts you have been involved in and how you  contributed.      6. Can you commit to five 3-hour work sessions from Feb – May 2014, with potential for additional  assignments to be completed between meetings?    PLEASE submit your nomination form to: [email protected] no later than January 13, 2014. Thank you!