Oregon Health Authority Preparing to Take Applications for CCOs

March 6, 2012 – On March 2, Governor Kitzhaber signed SB 1580, which will launch Coordinated Care Organizations to better serve Oregon Health Plan members with a focus on improved health.

Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) will bring better health, better care and lower costs to the more than 600,000 Oregonians served by the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) with a focus on improved wellness, prevention, and integration of behavioral, physical and ultimately oral health care.

The Oregon Health Authority is preparing to take applications from interested organizations, to be certified by the state to become CCOs.

New information is now available that allows interested stakeholders to review and comment on documents related to the implementation of Coordinated Care Organizations, including the draft Request for Applications, a draft CCO sample contract, draft temporary administrative rules and the draft proposal for Oregon's Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Demonstration to submit to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The site also contains Oregon's request to the federal government for additional federal flexibilities. This Request for Amended Waiver was submitted to CMS March 1.

Public comments on the RFA, draft CCO sample contract, temporary administrative rules and draft proposal for Oregon's Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Demonstration are being accepted now.


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