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Oregon Calls 'All Clear' Following Rash Of Measles Cases

Patients who contract measles, a highly contagious disease, develop a skin rash. | WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
December 4, 2019

Oregon health officials are calling “all-clear” after a rash of measles cases this fall.

In total, four cases were reported after a passenger flew back from Amsterdam on Oct. 12 with the disease.

Two people on the plane were not fully vaccinated. One was from Washington County, the other from Lane County.

The Oregon Health Authority is now confident enough time has passed since the fourth person was contagious, that others won’t fall sick.

But Dr. Paul Cieslak with the OHA warned that people still need to get vaccinated.

“Measles is getting imported pretty regularly into the country because there are a lot of places around the world that are having outbreaks,” Cieslak said.

“So we need to be protected. The good news is that if you’re vaccinated, you’re really at very low risk.”

Health officials say the complete, two-dose measles vaccination is 97% effective.