Oregon’s Health CO-OP extends Open Enrollment for Jan 1 health coverage for individuals, families and employer groups OFF exchange

The date change gives consumers more time to find coverage during the busy holiday season.

Portland, OR – Good news for consumers who missed the December 15 cutoff for January 1 health coverage. Oregon’s Health CO-OP has pushed the enrollment deadline back to midnight December 31st, effectively giving individuals, families and employer groups more time during the busy winter season.

Dr. Ralph Prows, CEO of Oregon’s Health CO-OP, sees this as an opportunity for consumers to explore options and ask important questions before choosing a plan that works for their families.

“There are so many questions about open enrollment,” Dr. Prows says. “Extending the deadline is another way of being a resource for people who aren’t quite ready, who are busy with the holidays, or who simply missed the deadline. The extra time takes stress out of the equation.”

Working with a new system

The current open enrollment period has included a number of changes across the health insurance industry, some of which have led to confusion.

“For some, the open enrollment period came with near double-digit percentage jumps in premiums for their existing plans,” explains Dr. Prows. “Many families simply aren’t aware of their choices. The extended deadline gives them more time to check out all carriers, such as Oregon’s Health CO-OP, which actually reduced premiums and eliminated coinsurance and deductibles.” 

How to enroll with Oregon’s Health CO-OP

The extended deadline is available to individuals, families, and employer groups who purchase their health insurance directly with Oregon’s Health CO-OP, and not through the federal exchange. Individuals and Families can go to www.ohcoop.org, by phone at 1-844-694-9292. Employer groups please [email protected] . Whichever path people choose, they’ll have access to plans, support, and information quickly through Oregon’s Health CO-OP.

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