Oregon’s Health Care Starting Point and Goals Released Today

First Health System Transformation Quarterly Report shows baseline information on health and financial data

A report presented to the Oregon Health Policy Board today provided information on key health and financial metrics for the Oregon Health Plan. The metrics will be used to help drive improvement and innovation under the state’s health system transformation plan.


“This report brings more transparency and accountability to health care by showing us where we are starting and where we need to go,” said Gov. John Kitzhaber. “I am confident that together we can make Oregon’s health system transformation a success and meet our goals for better health, better care and lower costs.”


May 16, 2013 -- The metrics provided show statewide data on everything from how often women receive pre-natal care to how often people use the emergency room for care that could be done better and more affordably elsewhere. The list was created by a nine-member stakeholder committee.


The first coordinated care organizations (CCO) began serving Oregon Health Plan clients in August of 2012 and were brought online throughout the year. The report takes data from 2011 - before CCOs were started - and compares it to benchmarks for each metric. The state’s health system transformation plan calls for closing the gap between all baselines and benchmarks within 10 years. 


The report also includes stories about innovations happening statewide and in each coordinated care organization.


“This is how we transform the health care system. Set clear goals to improve the quality of care and let each local community work together to meet those goals in the way that works best for the people they serve,” says Bruce Goldberg, director of the Oregon Health Authority.

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