OHSU Executives Take Home $1.4 Million In Bonuses

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Oregon Health & Science University’s leadership made about $30 million in base pay in 2018, according to a Lund Report analysis.

The Lund Report analyzed the compensation of 85 executives, including the president, vice presidents, provosts, deans, department chairs and institute directors. The analysis did not include the clinical pay employees receive for the treatment they provide as physicians. Almost one-third of the employees had additional clinical income.

OHSU provided the salary data in response to a records request but declined to disclose the clinical pay, asserting that it is sensitive financial information. The average pay for full-time doctors in the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro metro area is just over $312,000, according to Doximity, a professional network for physicians that publishes salaries by region and by specialty.

More than 20 percent of the base pay went to eight executives. They made about $6.7 million in 2018.

President Dr. Danny Jacobs, who took the helm last year in August, had the highest compensation, set at a yearly total of about $1.6 million in salary, benefits and bonuses. John Hunter, vice president and chief executive officer, earned the second highest amount at about $1.3 million.

Former President Emeritus Dr. Joe Robertson was paid more than $1.3 million a year, excluding clinical work compensation.

Executives also made more than 80 percent of the possible incentive money. About 1,300 employees are eligible for bonuses through the incentive program.

OHSU executives earned a total of about $1.4 million in bonuses out of the $1.7 million in bonuses awarded in 2018. These bonuses are contingent on meeting performance measures set by executive leadership and the OHSU Board of Directors, an OHSU spokeswoman, Tamara Hargens-Bradley, said in an email.

They only receive the incentives if the university and medical center meets its financial goals, she said. Financial goals for 2019 include maintaining a 10 percent margin, increasing revenue from patient care by 5 percent, increase revenue from research by 3.5 percent and maintaining 200 days of cash on hand.

If the university medical center meets those financial goals, staff in the incentive program are evaluated on other metrics that include lowering the expected mortality rate, improving access to clinics, increasing the number of grant proposals submitted and the amount of grant money awarded. The metrics are part of OHSU’s strategic plan for quality improvement.

“Our dynamic strategic plan supports continuous quality improvement across OHSU,” the plan says.

Excluding clinical pay, the top 20 earners at OHSU in 2018 were:

  1. President Dr. Danny Jacobs had the highest yearly earnings --  about $1.6 million in salary, benefits and bonuses. He did not work a full year however: He started in August.
  2. John Hunter, vice president and chief executive officer, earned the second most at about $1.3 million.
  3. Lawrence Furnstahl, the vice president and chief financial officer, made just over $1 million.
  4. Dr. Sharon Anderson, dean of OHSU’s School of Medicine, earned more than $980,000.
  5. David Wilson, professor and director of OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute, made about $800,000.
  6. Fergus Coakley, professor and chair of diagnostic radiology, made almost $670,000.
  7. Connie Seeley, executive vice president, chief administrative officer and chief of staff, made just over $620,000.
  8. Kenneth Azarow, professor and surgeon-in-chief for OHSU and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, earned about $590,000.
  9. Dr. Sanjiv Kaul, director of OHSU’s Knight Cardiovascular Institute, made almost $580,000. He stepped down in January following the collapse of the heart transplant unit.
  10. Alice Cuprull-Comas, general counsel and executive vice president, made almost $560,000.
  11. Dana Braner, professor and chair of pediatrics, earned almost $530,000.
  12. Peter Barr-Gillespie, interim senior vice president for research who became and executive vice president and OHSU's first chief research officer in January, made about $520,000.
  13. John Kaufman, director of the Dotter Institute for interventional radiology, made about $510,000.
  14. Aaron Caughey, professor and chair of OHSU School of Medicine’s Obstetrics and Gynecology, made more than $500,000.
  15. Elena Andresen, executive vice president and provost, made more than $500,000.
  16. George Mejicano, senior associate dean for education, made about $500,000.
  17. Anthony Masciotra, senior associate dean for clinical practice, made about $490,000.
  18. Dr. David Bangsberg, dean of the School of Public Health, made about $480,000.
  19. Dr. Philip Marucha, dean of the School of Dentistry, made about $450,000.
  20. Dr. George Keepers, professor and chair of psychiatry, made about $450,000.

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