OCPP Says Thank You and Farewell to Chuck Sheketoff

Chuck Sheketoff, a leading voice for social and economic justice in Oregon, has stepped down as executive director of the Oregon Center for Public Policy, the organization he helped found more than 20 years ago.

“Oregon is a better place due to Chuck’s tireless work on behalf of low-income Oregonians for over two decades,” said longtime Center board member Robert Landauer. “Chuck’s legacy includes reduced hunger rates in Oregon, a stronger state minimum wage, and many other public policy achievements. And, of course, it includes building Oregon’s leading progressive think tank.”

Over the past few years, the Center had been preparing for a leadership transition. An effort to recruit a new executive director for the Center in the fall of 2017 was unsuccessful.

“For the good of the organization, and so it could best continue to move forward with its important work on behalf of low- and middle-income Oregonians,” said Sheketoff, “I’ve decided to step aside as executive director and have a talented, skilled, and respected former board member, Angela Martin, shepherd the organization through a time of rebuilding the board and recruiting my successor.”

“The Center and its dedicated staff of professionals will continue to build on Chuck’s achievements," said Angela Martin, who is stepping in as interim director for the Center. “For now, we pause to express our immense gratitude to Chuck and wish him the best.”


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