OCOM Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Inaugural Cherry Blossom Dinner


May 14, 2013 -- More than 100 supporters and community partners gathered Friday, April 26 to celebrate OCOM’s 30th anniversary and to award partners in complementary medicine at the Cherry Blossom Dinner and Awardsevent. The inaugural fundraising event for the college raised nearly $30,000 for OCOM’s annual fund.
OCOM Trustee Dr. Gene Hong served as the master of ceremonies, introducing keynote speaker, OCOM President Dr. Michael Gaeta, as well as distinguished guests and event awardees. “From very humble beginnings 30 years ago,” began Dr. Gaeta, “OCOM has earned the distinction of being one of the oldest and most respected acupuncture and Oriental medicine colleges in the U.S. It is indeed an honor and a privilege for me to be a part of OCOM’s community of service and healing.”  
“It is also an honor. he continued, “for me to congratulate our awardees this evening — each of them in their own domain is helping to re-shape health care into a more integrative model.”
Four community members were presented awards at the event for their role in helping transform health care through their visionary use of and advocacy for complementary medicine. 
2013 Individual Partner in Healing Award
Dr. Rachel Solotaroff, Central City Concern Director of Medicine
Dr. Solotaroff received OCOM’s 2013 Partner in Healing Award thanks to her innovative use of Chinese medicine in Central City Concern’s Old Town Clinic. Solotaroff’s complementary care clinic approach and public health focus not only maximizes patient care, but has expanded the professional field for Chinese medicine practitioners by providing excellent career opportunities.
2013 Community Partner in Healing Award
Oregon Reproductive Medicine
Oregon Reproductive Medicine’s use of Chinese medicine to support patient care and reproductive success in their clinics is an excellent example of a complementary medicine approach, one that has had a profound impact on the hopes and dreams of many families. Thanks to their collaborative work with OCOM’s Dr. Hong 
Jin, they have also helped expand the professional field for Chinese medicine practitioners by providing exciting career opportunities in reproductive health.
2013 Alumni Ambassador Award
Laura Ocker, LAc
Since graduating from OCOM in 2003, Ocker has built a successful practice and has worked tirelessly to grow the Oregon Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (OAAOM). Under the auspices of the OAAOM and in partnership with OCOM, she has worked diligently to expand the scope of practice for Oregon 
2013 Scholar Award
Dr. Joseph Coletto, ND, LAc
Dr. Coletto was selected to receive OCOM’s 2013 Scholar Award for his dedication as a faculty member, scholar and leader at OCOM over the last 28 years. He is a member of the college’s core faculty and serves as Chair of Biomedicine for the master’s degree program. His dedication as a faculty member, scholar and leader at OCOM has been extraordinary: Dr. Coletto has helped educate more than 1,000 OCOM master’s and doctoral students, and has contributed to forward-thinking scholarship in regional, national and international spheres.
In addition, his leadership as a faculty chair and, most recently, as the co-founder of OCOM’s Mind Body Medicine program, have made substantial, long-term positive contributions to the college and the field of complementary medicine. Please join me in honoring Dr. Coletto with the 2013 Scholar Award.
OCOM Alumni Association President Lara Dilkes also presented a scholarship award to a current OCOM student entering their final clinical year. The 2013 Alumni Association Scholarship went to intern Sarah Hammer.
Thanks to the many OCOM supporters, friends and partners who helped make our first Cherry Blossom Dinner event such a success!
Founded in 1983, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) is a nonprofit single-purpose professional graduate school offering master’s and doctoral degrees in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. OCOM’s mission is to transform health care by educating highly skilled and compassionate practitioners, providing exemplary patient care, and engaging in innovative research within a community of service and healing. 
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