NRHI Releases First-Ever Cost Comparison Report

The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) released a first-ever comparison of what commercial insurers are paying for healthcare in different regions. This report, featuring Oregon claims data provided by Q Corp's Total Cost of Care initiative, analyzed spending by commercial health insurance plans in five regions nationwide: Oregon, Utah, Maryland, St. Louis, and Minnesota. This study aggregates data from seven Oregon health plans and includes one-third of commercially-insured Oregonians, the most of any study of its kind. 

Q Corp is excited to share this groundbreaking report with you. When compared with data from other regions, Oregon’s use of health care resources is lower than average; however, Oregon’s prices (Price Index-see chart below) are the highest of the five regions - 17% above average - which results in an overall higher total cost of care. Q Corp’s cost information, combined with its health care quality reporting, confirms what has been shown elsewhere: health care cost and quality do not appear to be correlated.

View the whole report here.