Recognized for Transparency Innovation

Independent research firm concludes, “Regence Cracks the Transparency Code”

April 25, 2012 -- If consumers could shop for health care like they shop for groceries, could they find more affordable care? If they could talk to one another and share reviews about a doctor or hospital, would they be able to connect with the provider that’s right for them? Regence believes in the power of information and Forrester Research, Inc. feels we’ve cracked “the transparency code.”

Forrester, a market leader in research and forward-thinking advice, recently conducted an independent review of the transparency tools available to Regence members on Since 2005, members have been able to log on to compare hospitals, estimate treatment costs, search for nearby providers, review doctors, and socialize with other members looking for the exact same information.

The result, noted by Forrester, is higher member satisfaction, meaningful behavioral change and solid engagement levels from both members and providers. It’s a triple bottom line that Regence sees as the starting point for a more personalized member experience devoted to improved health and reduced cost.

“To date, members have posted more than 69,000 provider reviews on the Regence site,” wrote Forrester researcher Elizabeth Boehm. “Sixty percent of transparency solution users agree that Regence helps them control their health care costs, compared with only 29% of non-tool-users,” she added.

Regence is committed to serving as a catalyst to transform health care, while creating a person-focused and economically sustainable system. These tools are fundamental to that Cause and allow members to take an active role in bending the cost curve as empowered health care consumers.

“An informed consumer is an empowered consumer, one who can better plan their total health care experience,” said Vice President of eBusiness Solutions, Torben Neilsen. “Our transparency tools connect our members, in a very intuitive way, to the resources they need and have come to expect.”

Regence is pleased to see its members utilizing these tools at such a high level of engagement, and others are taking notice. The result is a growing surge of sales across country, with other health plans purchasing these transparency tools for use with their own members.

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