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More Sign Up For Obamacare, But It's Unclear What They'll Do If The Law Is Repealed

February 1, 2017

Last year about 130,000 Oregonians enrolled in individual health insurance.

So far this year more than 150,000 have signed up with

That’s a 14 percent increase.

But what’ll happen if Obamacare is repealed?

“We know that today the law is in place and if you pay your premium, you will get coverage for that month,” said Lisa Morawski with the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.

“You know we certainly are monitoring the situation very closely and will let people know what changes are coming and what, if anything, they need to do,” she said.

President Donald Trump and Congress have yet to come up with a widely accepted replacement for the Act.

But some GOP members, like Oregon’s own Congressman Greg Walden, are calling for it to be ‘rebuilt and repaired,’ rather than ’repealed and replaced.’