Marion-Polk County Medical Society Welcomes Advanced Practice Nurses to Membership

On January 30th, members of the Marion Polk County Medical Society amended its bylaws to include eligibility for membership and full voting rights to advanced practice nurses licensed in the State of Oregon.  This action is without precedent in the United States.

This isn't the first time the Marion-Polk County Medical Society (MPCMS) has made headlines.  In January 2011 a similar bylaw change was unanimously enacted by members which afforded full membership status to physician assistants and reserved a seat on its Board of Directors to a PA.

In attendance at the January 30th meeting were 11 advanced practice nurses and a total of 225 members and guests.  "Our Society recognizes and values the role Advanced Practice Nurses play as medical providers in our communities.  As the world of healthcare delivery continues to evolve, we believe Nurse Practioners play a crucial role in maintaining access to care and that they should be at the table when discussing the best ways to serve our community," said Scott Stice, MD, President of the Board of Directors for the Marion-Polk County Medical Society.  

Founded in 1870, the Marion Polk County Medical Society is the oldest medical society in the State of Oregon, and includes over 500 members.  Among many other projects, the Society's work includes launching the Medical Foundation of Marion and Polk Counties, which facilitates in excess of $1.7 million each month in free prescriptions and medical services to the uninsured of our two counties, mammograms to uninsured women and a peer support and  mentoring program for single mothers working to maintain healthy, intact families through drug and alcohol free living.
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