Komen Funding to OHSU Now Exceeds $10 Million

Arrival of Komen Promise Grant Recipient, Lisa Coussens, Makes OHSU/Komen collaboration Now Komen’s single-largest investment in Oregon
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March 14th, 2013 (Portland, Oregon) – Susan G. Komen for the Cure is proud to announce  that its regional and national organization has exceeded the $10 million milestone in total 
funds awarded to Oregon Health & Science University in support of crucial breast cancer research and other projects to further Komen’s mission to save lives and end breast cancer 
forever. This cumulative commitment represents Komen’s single largest investment in Oregon. 
Komen’s Research Program plays an essential role in energizing science to pursue new treatments and potential cures. The most 
recent investment of $6.5 million comes via a Komen Promise Grant. Promise grants support the rapid translation of scientific discoveries into new or enhanced treatments with the 
highest potential to reduce breast cancer incidence or mortality. 
Lisa M. Coussens, Ph.D., Hildegard Lamfrom Chair in Basic Science, Professor and Chair of the OHSU the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology, Associate Director of Basic Research for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, along with two other collaborators, is the recipient of the grant, Komen’s most 
prestigious grant award. Her project aims to establish whether immune and collagen status is correlated with density-associated breast cancer risk.  
OHSU will celebrate this remarkable philanthropic milestone of support at a luncheon honoring Susan G. Komen for the Cure on Tuesday, March 19th. Media are invited to attend and cover the event. Lisa Coussens, Ph.D, will serve as the event’s keynote speaker; OHSU President Joe Robertson, JR, M.D., M.B.A, and OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Director Brian Druker, M.D., will also be in attendance alongside major donors and other key stakeholders and supporters of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and OHSU.  
OHSU Investigator  Amount Awarded 
Lisa Coussens  $6,500,000
Lisa Coussens  $600,000 
Joe Gray  $225,000 
Michelle Berlin $22,500 
Elizabeth Steiner $30,000 
Marjorie McGee $39,874 
Marjorie McGee $30,000 
Elizabeth Steiner $40,000 
Elizabeth Steiner $100,332 
Rosalie Sears $299,983 
Elizabeth Steiner $57,875 
Kerri Winters $249,700 
Marie Dahlstrom $5,000 
Elizabeth Steiner $2,500 
Rosalie Sears $250,000 
Stefan Lanker $250,000 
Lee Rickords $30,000 
Rural Health Conference $1,500 
Xiangshu Xiao $599,996 
Megan Troxell $449,850 
Lisa Domenico $500,000 
Total: $10,284,110
Event information is as follows: 
Date: Tuesday, March 19th
Time: Noon-1pm 
Location: OHSU Marquam Hill Campus, BICC Library Conference Center 
First Floor - Biomedical Information Communication Center  
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, Portland 
Any media interested in attending or securing one-on-one interviews with Lisa Coussens, Joe 
Robertson or Brian Druker should contact Elisa Williams at 503 494-4530 or via email at 
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