Hundreds of Thousands of Oregonians’ Health Care is Threatened by Potential Referendum of Medicaid Budget Package

“The Oregon Health Equity Alliance is deeply concerned about recent threats to overturn the Oregon Medicaid funding package that the legislature recently approved. We urge those considering a referendum to stand down and allow this vital health care funding package to become fully implemented. Supporting the state’s Medicaid population through the Oregon Health Plan is an absolutely essential part of our work to make health care more accessible and affordable for all Oregonians.

We were a proud part of the broad coalition supporting the 2017-19 Medicaid funding package. Overturning this legislation would threaten already underserved communities, including Communities of Color, low-income kids, and vulnerable seniors. If the referendum moves forward, we support holding a Special Election at the earliest date available, as proposed in the amendments to SB 229, in order to provide certainty for Oregon’s Medicaid recipients as quickly as possible.”

The Oregon Health Equity Alliance (OHEA) and member organizations are leading the way to improve access, affordability and innovation to mend the gap for the thousands of families left behind as Oregonians continue to pursue healthcare transformation.

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