Here’s why Patients are Flocking to Medical Homes


June 20, 2013 – The Oregon Health Authority recently added four Adventist Health Medical Group clinics to their list of Tier-3 Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes. Not to be confused with skilled nursing homes, a Medical Home gives patients needing primary care greater access to their doctor’s office through convenient office visits, follow up email and home monitoring systems, access to a broader team of professionals to help them live well and the  opportunity to reduce future healthcare costs.
As healthcare costs are continuing to increase, the Medical Home model offers a method of transforming the health care delivery system by improving quality and efficiency for each patient. “The Medical Home is not a place, but a philosophy of health that encourages physicians and care providers to be proactive in addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of 
patients by helping them reduce stress, embrace prevention of disease and manage chronic illness,” states Dr. Leonard Bertheau, DO, the Family Practice physician spearheading this initiative for Adventist Health.  “It is a model of care that feels like a healthy home because it fosters continued communication, respect, dignity, and compassion.”
The following Adventist Health Medical Group clinics are being recognized among the highest quality coordinated primary care clinics in Oregon: Eastside Internal Medicine, Ventura Park, 
Hazelwood and Internal Medicine Associates join Cherry Park Family Practice. Tier-3 PatientCentered Primary Care Homes is the highest level of recognition for patient-centered primary 
care homes in the nation.
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My question is: how are these "Tier-3 Patient Centered Primary Care Homes" licensed? Assisted Living Facilities? Residential Care Facilities? Adult Foster Care Home? How many residents maximum? Is nursing staff required, and if so RN or LPN and 24/7?

You say in your title that "patients are flocking to Tier-3 Patient Centered Primary Care Homes" but you site no statistics. How many of these homes have opened? When did they open? What distinguishes them from any other residence? Why use the term flocking? I am in the senior housing industry and have never heard of this type of home.