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“Fast-Track” Enrollment for the Oregon Health Plan

September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 -- This week, letters will be mailed to about 260,000 Oregonians letting them know that they qualify for the Oregon Health Plan and can enroll through “fast-track” enrollment. Here is some background information that we hope will be helpful: 

As you know, our state has opened the Oregon Health Plan to more adults as allowed by federal health reform. People can begin applying through Cover Oregon next week for coverage that starts January 1, 2014.

Cover Oregon is the one-stop shop for people applying for health coverage in Oregon, including the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). 

But there is another option available for some low-income Oregonians. It’s called “fast-track” enrollment. 

Fast-track enrollment is an easier way for qualified Oregonians to enroll in the Oregon Health Plan. It also allows OHA to create a more efficient and streamlined process without repeating eligibility work that has already been done for other programs. 

Fast-track enrollment is available to Oregon residents who: 

1.     Meet the qualifications for the Oregon Health Plan and 
2.    Are either enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or have children enrolled in Healthy Kids/OHP. 

The Oregon Health Authority will mail fast-track enrollment forms to people who meet the qualifications. People should start receiving them over the next week. 

People eligible for fast-track enrollment do not need to apply for coverage through Cover Oregon or through any other means. They simply send back a completed “fast-track” form and they will be enrolled in OHP. There is also a phone number to call to enroll, but we are asking everyone who has the form to return it rather than call. That will allow us to keep the phone lines open for people who may have misplaced their letter or didn’t receive it. 

A website is available with more information. It includes a “Question and Answer” document and copies of thefast-track letters. If people who are eligible for fast-track have questions, you can refer them to this page. 

Also, please be aware that there are people receiving SNAP or Healthy Kids who will not qualify for fast-trackenrollment. That’s because their income exceeds the limit for the Oregon Health Plan. But through Cover Oregon, there will be financial assistance available to help them buy coverage on the commercial market. They should go to apply.