Eugene Family Physician Installed As President of Oregon Medical Association

Sylvia Emory, MD, a Eugene family physician, was installed Friday as the 140th President of the Oregon Medical Association at the OMA’s Annual Meeting at the Nines hotel in downtown Portland. 
Dr. Emory was born in Michigan but raised in Eugene and considers herself an Oregonian. She received a BS in nutrition from Oregon State University, then a MS from the University of  Wisconsin, Madison, after which she worked as a registered dietitian at the Johns Hopkins hospital for two years before returning to Oregon to attend OHSU for medical school, where she also completed her residency in family medicine. 
Dr. Emory is in private practice with the Oregon Medical Group in Eugene, and has a distinguished 
record of service at the local, state and national levels. Locally, she served as president of Lane 
County Medical Society from 2000-2001. Emory has been a member of the OMA since 1984 and has served as an AMA Alternate Delegate for Oregon since 2006. She has served the OMA in several roles, including Vice Speaker from 1999-2002, Vice President from 2002-2003, and 2004-2005. She re-joined the Executive Committee in 2012. In her coming leadership year, Dr. Emory intends to continue to strengthen the OMA’s support for young and employed physicians. 
Dr. Emory and her husband Jim live in Eugene and have two children; her daughter is a student at the University of Oregon, and her son lives in Portland. 
The Oregon Medical Association is an organization of over 8,000 physicians, physician assistants and medical students organized to serve and support physicians in their efforts to improve the health of Oregonians. Additional information can be found at
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