Ely Blackwood (Bend), Catherine Paul (Roseburg), Kevin McCray Jr. (Portland), Brittany Vuylsteke (Portland) Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon

The Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon (BCO) is pleased to announce, Ely Blackwood, Catherine Paul, Kevin McCray and Brittany Vuylsteke have been appointed to the BCO Board of Directors for two-year terms.

The Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon aims to positively impact all the spheres of influence that surround a breastfeeding family, so together we experience a culture which supports, promotes and protects breastfeeding as biologically normative. BCO Treasurer, Tom Lien said, “Each new board member brings a tremendous commitment, professional experience and enthusiasm for the work of the BCO. We are grateful they are joining the organization to further BCO’s commitment to social justice through collective impact to improve breastfeeding rates and duration for the health of all Oregon families.

Ely Blackwood (Bend) – Ely Blackwood is the Children's Advocate at Saving Grace, Bend's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Emergency Shelter. She has been a DONA trained volunteer doula for several years and has specialized in post-partum breastfeeding support. She is fluent in Spanish and hasbeen able to use her intercultural experience to support breastfeeding women in the Latino community.

Catherine Paul (Roseburg) – Catherine Paul (Roseburg) is engaged in public health as a nurse and IBCLC in rural Oregon. A strong believer in the power of community to impact social progress, she is a founding and current member of the Umpqua Valley Breastfeeding Coalition and is dedicated to activities that support the well being of all families.

Kevin McCray Jr. (Portland) – Kevin McCray has a BS in Management and 9 years of management experience in the retail pharmacy industry. He is the father of a premature infant who is exclusively breastfed and he has seen first hand the importance of breast milk for very small babies. Kevin brings a wealth of professional experience to the board and a deep understanding and commitment to seeing families thrive right from birth.

Brittany Vuylsteke (Portland) – Brittany holds an MPH in Health Promotion and Health Behavior. She works at OHSU as a Project Coordinator/ Research Assistant. Brittany is one of the women working to convene the Asian/Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Coalition. She is also helping to build a family as a surrogate for couples who are unable to conceive and she is providing breast milk to insure a healthy start for this family’s baby.

BCO works hand in hand with the United States Breastfeeding Committee to improve support, promotion and protection for breastfeeding as outlined in the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeedingwww.breastfeedingor.org

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