Dental Pilot Project Advisory Committee Seeks Applicants

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is accepting applications from individuals interested in serving on the Dental Pilot Project Advisory Committee. 

The committee advises OHA on projects that have been approved by the Dental Pilot Project Program. The program encourages the development of innovative practices in oral health care delivery systems in Oregon, with a focus on providing care to populations that have the highest disease rates and the least access to dental care. 

The program's two current projects are: 

Expanding general dental services to the underserved populations among Oregon's federally recognized tribes by training dental health aide therapists (DHATs). 
Training dental hygienists who serve tribal members to place what are called "interim therapeutic restorations," which slow the progress of dental decay.  

The committee is an interdisciplinary team composed of representatives of dental boards, professional organizations, other state regulatory bodies and interested parties, including community health workers, representatives of Oregon Health Plan member advocate organizations, and representatives of underserved and vulnerable populations or their advocacy groups. 

Applications are due to OHA by June 30, 2017. Applications and the committee's charter can be downloaded from the program's website at

For more information, contact Sarah Kowalski, Dental Pilot Project coordinator, at 971-673-1563 or at [email protected]

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