Cedar Hills Hospital To Sponsor Sunday Supper

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Cedar Hills Hospital staff members will join DoubleTree Lloyd Center and Potluck in the Park volunteers to feed up to 400 people who are food insecure on Sunday, December 29 from 2:30 - 4:30pm, at the established location under the West end of the Hawthorne Bridge. Cedar Hills is sponsoring this meal and will offer resources for those who present with mental health crisis and addiction. 

“We see a spike in mental health and substance crisis just after the holidays,” according to Jen Brown, RN, Chief of Nursing, Cedar Hills Hospital. “Families often try to keep struggling loved ones at home because it’s Christmas. But once the holiday is over, tolerance changes and many find themselves on the streets again. Post-Christmas, charity responses are at their lowest and resources the least available- even though the (mental health) crisis persists.” 

A new report by researchers at Portland State University estimates about 2% of the Portland metro area’s population, or 38,000 people, were homeless at some point in 2017. Mental Health America’s 2016 study tells us, 35-40% of homeless adults in Oregon suffer from some form of mental illness. 

“The Sunday Supper is one of many things happening in Portland to relieve some of the suffering accompanying houselessness and helping those in mental distress find resources. We are stepping out of the hospital as often as possible to supporting local initiatives and want to make the community aware of our presence and 24/7 support where assessment is always free,” said Michael Sorensen, Director of Business Development. “We are proud to partner with DoubleTree in support of Potluck in the Park and to help in this small way.” 

About Cedar Hills Hospital and Outpatient Treatment Services 

Cedar Hills Hospital is a 98-bed inpatient psychiatric and intensive substance use treatment hospital. Our mission is to provide effective and compassionate mental health and substance use treatment. At the core of our approach is the understanding that each person that comes through our doors has a unique set of needs. We offer behavioral health treatment to those in need, without discrimination or judgment, in an effort to restore a meaningful quality of life. 

Cedar Hills Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission and prides itself on upholding a standard of excellence that begins with our core values of dignity and respect. Our highest profile programs include our Military Program established in 2009 with longstanding partnerships with all branches of the U.S. military, the DOD/DHA, and the VA system; and our Women’s Program where we use a trauma-informed approach to treatment along with Dialectical Behavior Therapy. 

www.cedarhillshospital.com I 10300 SW Eastridge Street, Portland, OR, 97225-5004 

Outpatient psychiatric and substance use treatment services range from intensive outpatient care to DUII services. 

We are located in the Cedar Hills neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, and proudly serve the greater Pacific Northwest region. Our team of dedicated board-certified psychiatrists, addictionologists, internal medicine and family medicine physicians provides a continuum of care in inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs for mental health and substance abuse treatment for adults, 18 and older. If you or a loved one needs crisis stabilization for mental health or substance use issues, call for a free assessment 24/7 at 503.944.5000. For more information, please visit www.cedarhillshospital.com

About Potluck in the Park 

Potluck in the Park (PITP) has been serving a free hot meal to anyone in need on Sundays since 1991. Rain or shine, 52 weeks a year, we are feeding Portland’s homeless, in our temporary Winter Location under the Hawthorne Bridge. Four hundred to six hundred Portlanders do not go hungry on Sunday because of PITP. The generosity of volunteers and donations from the community provides some relief for those in need. PITP is a volunteer-driven, grass roots, tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. There is no paid staff or office location. The entire budget goes directly to the people who need it. PITP has accomplished their mission of providing nutritious food and an atmosphere of community to anyone in need because of the generosity of those with more. To make a donation or to volunteer, go to www.potluckinthepark.org

www.cedarhillshospital.com I 10300 SW Eastridge Street, Portland, OR, 97225-5004 


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