CCO Oregon Transitions to Non-Profit


May 3, 2013 -- There's big news at CCO Oregon. The organization has appointed a broad based board and incorporated as a non-profit organization.
Over the past three years has been the state's leader in organizing successful events, promoting stakeholder engagement, and sharing best practices and lessons learned in health transformation.
In order to expand its mission and continue its efforts the group's founders, along with input from steering committee members, moved to convert the organization and turn direction over to a non-profit board of directors. "It's great to start an organization, but it's even more exciting to see it grow and flourish. We are working closely to make sure that the new CCO Oregon is up and running to help support transformation over the next four years and beyond," noted Doug Riggs, CCO Oregon's founder.
The non-profit board began meeting this winter and it will assume complete control on June 1, 2013. "On behalf of CCO Oregon, the board, and all of Oregon, we are thrilled that Doug Riggs has given us the reins of the organization. We cannot thank him enough for all his hard work in getting CCO Oregon to this point and we look
forward to continuing the great work he began," said CCO Oregon Executive Director Ben Hoyne.
CCO Oregon will continue to engage the community and various stakeholders, promote health care transformation, and host events throughout the state.
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