CCO Oregon Releases Stakeholder Polling from its Fall Conference

CCO Oregon held its 2013 Fall Conference last week at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.
Over 400 people attended the two-day conference, demonstrating once again that CCO Oregon has become the organization charged with bringing together stakeholders from across the Coordinated Care spectrum in Oregon.
As an independent non-profit organization, with events open to the public, CCO Oregon continues to demonstrate its value to everyone under the CCO umbrella, from consumers to providers to CCO Staff and the State along with everyone in between.
CCO Oregon would like to thank everyone that helped make this event a success.
Throughout the two-day conference, CCO Oregon hosted interactive roundtable discussions focused on six critical issues facing Coordinated Care stakeholders today.
The six topics centered around Community Advisory Councils, Early Learning Hubs, Health Outcomes & Metrics, Patient Engagement, Public Health & Social Service Agencies, and the Transformation Center. 
During the six-roundtable discussions, well over 100 stakeholders were able to participate in the discussions, lend their voices and expertise to the issues, and help shape completed sentence stems.
At the conclusion of the conference, CCO Oregon posted finalized versions of the six statements produced during the roundtables, in order to broadly gauge stakeholder support. Conference attendees were able to rate their support for statements on a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest). The electronic technology allowed for easy-to-use, confidential, anonymous polling.
To review the sentence stems and the polling results, along with some additional questions, please visit
As CCO Oregon moves towards a membership model for 2014, we look forward to continuing to provide opportunities for all stakeholders and members to engage and participate in important conversations.
We will continue to use processes such as these to help shape the direction of CCO Oregon as we move forward.
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