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CareOregon to support Housecall Providers in bringing more in-home medical care to the Portland metro area

May 31, 2017

Yesterday, community-based nonprofit Housecall Providers (HCP) became an official member of CareOregon. The new strategic partnership is designed to increase access to and enhance in-home medical care in the Portland metro area. Becoming a limited liability company in the CareOregon family of health care services will enable Housecall Providers to grow and expand its home-based primary, palliative and hospice care.

“Because Housecall Providers has served CareOregon members for years, we knew what outstanding medical care their primary care providers and staff offer,” said Will Kennedy, CareOregon Medical Director and an expert in Palliative and Hospice care. “They bring a unique component to the CareOregon mix as one of Oregon’s only standalone medical practices that exclusively sees patients where they live—a vital service for many chronically or critically ill members.”

“Our long relationship made CareOregon the ideal choice when we began looking for a partner that could help us grow and strengthen our services,” said Terri Hobbs, Housecall Providers executive director. “We knew they shared our same goals, values and nonprofit status, and would enable us to continue as a unique entity, but with a strong, innovative partner backing us.”

Housecall Providers will continue to receive patients through its usual referrals sources, such as home health agencies, social workers, adult care homes, while increasing access to home-based medicine for CareOregon and other insurers.