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CareOregon releases 2012 Annual Report

July 15, 2013


July 15, 2013 —2012 was a revolutionary year for health care in Oregon, with the advent of Coordinated Care Organizations, the genesis of the Cover Oregon health insurance exchange, and the launch of new Consumer-Oriented and Operated Plans. All these changes, and more, are featured the 2012 Annual Report from CareOregon.

Through that change, CareOregon has reinvented itself as an agent of innovation.

“It is a bold statement to proclaim that health care can be more affordable and achieve better results,” notes CareOregon CEP Patrick Curran. “It is far bolder still to actually turn those statements into action.”

Underscoring that objective is CareOregon’s commitment to the people we serve, including members, providers, partner organizations and our communities. This informs new and ongoing initiatives, including:

  • Providing services to five Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), Oregon’s Health CO-OP and Neighborhood Health Center, and administering Multicare Dental, now called CareOregon Dental.
  • Widening focus on bottom-up, top-enabled quality improvement on the front lines of health care through: primary care transformation (our initial Primary Care Renewal and the second generation Patient and Population Centered Primary Care programs); applying lean methodology to hospital operations in the Releasing Time to Care and the pilot Productive Operating Theater program.
  • Expanding the operations of the Community Care Team’s non-traditional health workers and the Health Commons Grant, as well as supporting the principles of community-based care and transformation in the CCOs.
  • Broadening community engagement through our CareOregon’s Member Advisory Council and support of CCO Community Advisory Councils.
  • Enhancing Medicare support and services.

The report also features stories of those who are helped by community efforts and those who, as providers or active citizens, are helping others.

The annual report is available online at

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Jeanie Lunsford.