CareOregon Members Greet Portland Streets with Smiles

December 5, 2012 -- There are a lot of smiling faces beaming from the corner of Southwest Fifth Avenue and Oak Street in Portland.

They are the faces of CareOregon members young and old, male and female, healthy and health-challenged. In photographs that cover the street-level windows of the CareOregon Building, they are a constant reminder of the people the health plan serves, both to the health plan staff and the casual passersby.

December 3, CareOregon hosted a celebratory reception for many of the members whose photographs are included on the display, which has been in place since August 2012.

Members are the reason CareOregon has been a great place to work, said David E. Ford, retiring CEO. The gathering was also an opportunity for CareOregon’s Member Advisory Council (MAC) to honor Ford for his service. He in turn honored the members depicted on the display.

The photos, and the stories behind them, Ford said, give human faces to CareOregon’s purpose: to help improve the health of all Oregonians.

Oregonians like Kevin Rouse, vice chair of the MAC, who described his last few years of involvement with CareOregon as “the happiest of my life.”

Oregonians like Benjamin Diemer, who attended with his wife, Janice, 9-year-old son Max and 5-year-old daughter Ayda. Hoisting Ayda to his shoulder, Diemer told how just a few months ago Ayda, who has Hirschsprung’s Disease, was dangerously ill and fragile. He thanked CareOregon for all the help, and Ayda is now expecting a full, good life.

The photos were taken by CareOregon photographer Eleanor Gorman.


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