Briefly: Feds Give Oregon Community Health Centers $2.3 million

The yearly grants mark a slight decrease from last year.

The Health Resources and Services Administration announced Wednesday it was giving Oregon nearly $2.3 million this year in grants to community health centers.

That marks a slight decrease from last year's total of nearly $2.5 million.

The money will go to 30 centers across the state -- the same number as last year - to improve the quality of care in their communities. Oregon’s share is part of $125 million that’s being distributed across the country.

“Community health centers provide coordinated, comprehensive and patient-centered care to millions of Americans,” said Eric Hargan, deputy director of Health and Human Services. “They have a track record of delivering quality care at a significantly lower cost and are vital partners in our movement toward a health system that delivers quality, affordable, value-based care for all Americans.”

The grants are aimed at expanding access to care and improving quality.

The $2.3 million Oregon funding will go to a variety of agencies. Multnomah County was the top recipient ($141,000) followed by La Clinica Del Valle Family Health ($130,906), Northwest Human Services ($129,665), Mosaic Medical ($113,840) and Rogue Community Health ($106,904). Here is a complete list, with money broken down by category.