Briefly: Chief Of Surgery At Roseburg VA Resigns

Dr. Dinesh Ranjan had been found to have performed colonoscopies incorrectly and had allegedly bullied and retaliated against Veterans Affairs' employees.

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Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center Chief of Surgery, Dr. Dinesh Ranjan, has stepped down.

The VA confirmed this week that Chris Curry, the VA’s chief of dental services, will be acting chief of surgery for the next 120 days.

“There are times in every organization when new leadership is needed. This is one of those times, and appointing a new chief of surgery is in the best interest of the facility and the veterans served by the Roseburg (VA),” Director Doug Paxton said in a written statement.
“We are confident Dr. Curry will provide consistency and strong leadership for Roseburg (VA) surgeons during this time. Working together, Curry and his staff will continue to improve the care and services that our veterans have earned and deserve,” Paxton said.

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