Bill to Protect Kids from Toxic Chemicals Heard in Senate

Salem, OR – The Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing today on Senate Bill 478, the Toxic-free Kids Act. The bill, aimed to protect Oregon’s children from toxic chemicals found in toys and children’s products, is a priority of Senator Chris Edwards (D-Eugene).

“We’ve had a robust discussion about this topic over the past couple of years, resulting in this bill which will provide the protections our most vulnerable citizens against the most dangerous toxic chemicals that have become so prevalent in children’s products”, says Edwards, who is a Chief Sponsor of SB 478.

Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer (D-Portland), also a Chief Sponsor, provided testimony in support of the bill that would require toy manufacturers and importers to report on the presence of 66 toxic chemicals found in products for use by children under 12. After 6 years, manufacturers would have the option to discontinue the use of the chemicals, use an alternative or safer chemical substitute, or apply for a waiver if they are able to prove the product to be safe.

Edwards, who Chairs the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee, expects the bill to receive bi-partisan support and is hopeful it will pass the legislature this session.

Washington, Maine and Vermont have enacted similar laws to address the use of toxics found in children’s products in an effort to protect kids against potential health risks.

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Will this bill apply to the toxic chemicals in vaccinations which are trying to be mandated by SB 442?  If both SB 478 and SB 442 both pass, the irony will be incredible!

Jamey Dyson, DC