Actor Gary Busey Celebrates the 35 th Anniversary of The Buddy Holly Story at Oregon Brain Injury Fundraiser

The Lund Report


March 1, 2013 ---   Academy Award nominated actor Gary Busey, who survived a traumatic brain injury in 1988, will deliver a talk focusing on his experience with the healing properties of music and art in honor of the 35th anniversary of the film, The Buddy Holly Story on Friday, March 8, 2013, at the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel. Dinner highlights include award presentations made to honorees that have made significant contributions to BIAOR and the greater Oregon brain injury community.  
The opportunity to meet Gary Busey in person, and hear his heartfelt story,  can be yours simply by attending this highly anticipated event in Portland.  Dinner registration is priced at $125.00 and is partially tax deductible as a charitable donation.   Tickets can also  be purchased as part  of a  complete  conference package.                        
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Busey shares "On December 4, 1988, I died after brain surgery and took a special trip to a special place.  I came back and realized that healing power is in my Faith - and the Busey-ism for FAITH is Fantastic Adventures In Trusting Him!"  Busey continues, "Five months after my brain injury, I went to Washington, D.C., from an invitation by President George Herbert Walker Bush at the White House for a briefing on brain injury.  It was during that visit, 
that I came up with the language I used in that speech that in time became the beginning language for the "Traumatic Brain Injury Act" what I created with the help of President Bill Clinton and that is what President Clinton signed in 1997."
"I am honored to be coming here to Portland to promote the 30th Anniversary of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon and the wonderful work they do to help raise money. I look forward to sharing with you the knowledge I have to be helpful in explaining how music works in harmony with brain injury recovery. Music is healing and automatic when the recovery is one in the mind and heart. I'll see you soon," smiles Busey. The awards dinner will be hosted by local television news personality, Ken Boddie.  
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