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The Lund Report has a small but knowledgeable and capable staff and board. For information about them, click here.

The role of our reporters is to bring our health care system into perspective by going beneath the surface. Our goal is to educate everyone about our complex system, giving you the facts and analysis that can make a difference.

We’re unlike any news source you’ve seen before -- the first independent online news site in Oregon dedicated to educating you about the health care industry. You can count on us to be timely, accurate, in-depth and insightful. We’re passionate about what we do and beholden to no one. The Lund Report is not influenced by its financial contributors, regardless of who they are. We're committed to remaining a source you can trust.  

Our news coverage focuses on the major issues confronting our health care system – cost, access, sustainability and quality. Our emphasis is on Oregon, but we also include articles about developments nationwide. 

As a news source, we value and invite your comments and story suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact editor Nick Budnick at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for your support.

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Our Mission

The Lund Report is a nonprofit, non-partisan news site that delivers exclusive and in-depth coverage of health care and the health care industry and aims to hold the industry and government responsible and make health care better for all.  

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We encourage you to support our work. In addition to our premium subscriptions, your contributions help us bring you in-depth and insightful news about the health care industry. With your donations, we are able to pay talented and award-winning news reporters and maintain our website. Please consider making a contribution using our online form here.

The Lund Report has been approved by the IRS as a nonprofit 501-c-3 organization. You can either send a check to The Lund Report, PO Box 82841, Portland OR 97282 or use your credit card by clicking the Donate tab. We’ll be more than happy to send you a formal receipt for income-tax purposes. Our federal tax ID number is EIN 26-3019179.

How We Came Into Being

The idea for The Lund Report grew out of discussions with people who became frustrated about the lack of critical and in-depth coverage of our health care system. The results of a survey conducted in 2009, when we began publishing, indicated the strong need for such an endeavor. Over 700 Oregonians participated, with an overwhelming majority (77 percent) showing strong support. A cross-section of the community gave us their opinions – health industry professionals, public health leaders, state legislators, educators, lobbyists, scientists, attorneys, pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumer advocates.

People shared their concerns about our broken health care system. Their answers came as no surprise. They said the profit margins of the health care industry needed to be curtailed with costs becoming unaffordable. They complained about lobbyists exerting too much influence on elected officials and a need for more emphasis on substance abuse and mental health services. They also said they wanted to know how other states, like California and Washington; countries like Canada; or regions like Europe are dealing with rising health care costs and the need for reform. 

Based on these survey results, we plunged ahead full speed. From time to time, we conduct other surveys, asking for your opinion on how we’re doing and soliciting new ideas. Your voice matters. We’re here for you.

Contact us by sending an email to editor Nick Budnick at [email protected].